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For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

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An Update On What Is And What Can Never Be and the state of the fic. [Feb. 17th, 2014|03:28 am]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

On the 18th, it will be six years since I started writing What Is And What Should Never Be. I used to be able to write pretty prolifically, but as time has gone on and my life has changed, I've found finding inspiration as well as time to write lacking. I have been writing part 10 for a while now, possibly a year or so. I just can't seem to finish it. BUT I am going to try to. What I'd really like to do is finish that part or rewrite it if I have to, tie up some loose ends and then end with another part which would be an epilogue. That may end up being just as long as a typical part or chapter would be. I hope it won't disappoint but I think I need to cut ties with this fanfic. I loved writing it when I could and it holds a special place in my heart, but now it's become a burden in the back of my mind. To finally finish it would make me feel better. I don't know if I'll write anymore fanfic after this; when I was younger, I wrote and wrote like crazy, especially back in high school. But now it's ten years later and I'm working full time and other things occupy my time, and as time has gone on I find myself writing less and less. And my yearning to write has waned. Anyway, when I finally get around to completing it all, which I think will be soon, I really hope everyone will enjoy the rest of the fic and think it stands up. Thank you for all your support and kind words through the years!!
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Spooked out! [Sep. 29th, 2013|10:49 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

[Current Mood |mischievousmischievous]
[Current Music |She's alive- Witching Hour UK]

It was getting dark and sooner or later we pulled up on the drive way. He opened the door for me and held out his hand like a gentleman. I took his hand and led me inside. A strange feeling climbed over me as i took a step further in the house, the wooden floor boards creaked behind me. It was 11:30 pm and Jimmy went outside to smoke a ciggy,i ran up to him and grabbed his hand. It was eerie outside and silhouettes of trees towered in front of the bright gleaming Moon. Slowly i turned to look back at the house... but it had gone. In it's place was an abandoned graveyard with headstones that fallen over. A figure in the distance caught my eye, a Lady dressed all in black with pale white skin. The dark figure began to vanish and i turned back to Jimmy, but... he had disappeared! Shouting at the top of My voice, i called his name.A chill ran over my arms and back when i heard the faint sound of a clock chiming.It was midnight! . And i was left alone with people i had never met before. People from 'the other side'. I was left with... THE DEAD!
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A dream [Jun. 23rd, 2013|08:50 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]
[Current Music |We are the champions - Queen]

I had this dream about Jimmy last night. He had his arm around me and i was drinking Jack Daniels with him in
a Jet. And the Jack Daniels tasted like Baileys. ( i've never drunk alcohol before in my life but just a sip of Baileys) Then he looked me in the eyes and smooched me.......... AWESOME DREAM! :)
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Pagey [Jun. 9th, 2013|10:53 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

[Current Mood |amusedamused]

Just some pics of Jimmurs :D

I can't get enough of him <3

i can't explain in words...
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ANYONE THERE! [Jun. 8th, 2013|05:22 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

Please don't tell me this page has become
Abandoned :( no one is posting here anymore
HELLO is anyone still here? I miss reading new
Stories and pictures of our darling Jimmy.
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I'm new here [May. 7th, 2013|09:50 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

[Current Mood |happyhappy]

I'm new here & Joined not very long ago :)

name- Christine Morgan
age- 12 years old
location- Windsor,Berkshire , England , United Kingdom.
how long you've been a zep fan- Four or five months
do you play any instruments?- Acoustic Guitar & Piano
fav. Zep song- Dazed & Confused
where did you hear about this community?- I found it online when i was researching about Jimmy Page.
spread the word? If so, where?- Anywhere...
anything else you'd like us to know?- No
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Chapter Three: Wrapping Temptations With A Ribbon [Jan. 23rd, 2012|11:05 am]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

We had been driving for fifteen minutes and not a word was uttered between us. I was still woozy and disoriented from the alcohol, watching reality pass by me through foggy vision. I had enjoyed their gig, meeting these fantastic people and laughing harder than I could remember; but as soon as we stepped out of the club and into his blue convertible I felt anxious again. What was I getting myself into? Now that I was alone with him I was more confused than ever—about myself, about this situation, about his intentions. I snuck a glance at his face as he drove; he was looking straight ahead with a sweet grin on his face. My glance turned into a stare, and when he turned to look at me I couldn’t look away fast enough.

“So, tell me what you really think of our music.” He said, finally breaking the excruciating silence.

“It’s strange. I’ve never heard anything like it. But it was quite amazing, to be honest.” I said. My thoughts and speech were becoming clear again. “Where does it all come from? How do you come up with that kind of….art?” I asked.

“It comes from a part of ourselves that even we don’t fully understand. I like to try and capture my sentiments and release them through music. I try new things and find new ways of expressing myself, and it comes as intuition.” He answered.

As I listened to him with the wind blowing softly on my face, I started to feel comfortable—like I was where I was supposed to be.

“Did you write all of those songs?” I asked

“Some of them are actually covers. I took some tunes that inspired me, and turned them into my own, interpreting them and adding dynamics. Light and shade, as how it is in visual art.” He said. I was completely drawn to him and his musical poetics. Here was an artist, a true visionary in the flesh, I thought. I had only read about such people, and now I was going home with one.

“You have a lovely accent” was what came out of my mouth, when it was supposed to be tucked away hidden in my thoughts. I quickly turned away from him and watched the road ahead, wanting to slap the alcohol out of me.

“Why thank you,” he chuckled “I don’t think anyone’s ever paid me that kind of compliment before.” He shot a dazzling smile at me that caused me to blush, and I decided to keep my mouth shut for now.

I was starting to feel chilly, and so I hugged myself tighter to try and keep warm.

“Oh are you cold?” He asked, placing his hand on my arm. Every part of me was indeed freezing, except for where his hand was, which felt almost too warm to bear. “We’re nearly there, I’ll get you warm and cozy soon” he continued.

A soft “Thanks” was all I could manage to say as he put his hand back on the steering wheel.

Our surroundings had become more desolate and remote, and anticipation was washing over me. What was going to happen tonight? Would I end up doing something I might regret? Would he try and seduce me? Because if I’m to be completely honest with myself, I was hoping he would. Why else would I be here if I didn’t?    

Soon we were pulling in to his driveway, facing a beautiful manor surrounded by luscious bushes. We came to a stop and he got out to open my door, offering his hand like a true gentleman. I stepped outside to breathe in the sweet smelling air, looking up and around, while he watched my awe-stricken face. I had almost forgotten I was cold when suddenly I let out a small shiver. With his hand on my back he lead me inside hastily, and I was bubbling with excitement and my nerves were frantically jumping, thankfully masked by the excuse of being cold.

He led me through a hallway and into a guest bedroom, fully equipped with a record player and unlit candles. He switched on a dim light before saying “Here you are. Go on and make yourself comfortable.”

“This is really nice” I said, walking ahead and looking around, almost tripping on myself. I held on to the side of the bed to remove my boots, while I heard him move about the room behind me. After half a minute of struggling with just the first boot, he laughed before kneeling by my ankles and helping me out of it. As he stood back up, his hand grazed the back of my leg and my thigh, feeling like a soft caress. I froze. Was this an accident? Was it on purpose? It was probably an accident—oh who am I kidding the man is about to—my thoughts were cut off when a thick cloth landed on my shoulders, blanketing my freezing self.

“This should keep you warm tonight” he said, as he moved to face me.

He had covered me with a robe. A nice, thick woolen robe that indeed kept me warm instantly. I felt relief, then annoyance, then confusion. I slipped my arms into the holes as he wrapped the robe snugly around me. Inches from my face, I had nowhere to look at but him. He returned my gaze with a serious expression, the first I had ever seen on him. He looked down at his hands as they tied and fastened the cord, then looked back at me. Who knew putting clothes on someone could be so—sexy? His eyes would dart back and forth from my eyes to my body as he fixed me up, ribboning me shut. Though I was very much covered I suddenly felt self-conscious. In those few seconds I tried to understand his look, as if somewhere inside there he was in pain, as if he was contemplating something. Or perhaps that was my own face, hinting at my own urges and desires.

Just as I was about to make a decision, he turned away and said: “Well we better get some rest. Big day tomorrow.” With his body now facing away, he looked me over one more time, at my face then at the body he had just tucked away safely. His big friendly smile came back and all I could do was nod, my eyes bugging from—whatever the hell just happened.

As he walked towards the door, I watched after him bewildered. He turned back to me and sighed, before smiling and saying “Well, goodnight. See you in the morning.” And with that he shut the door, leaving me in my shock, alarmingly frustrated.

I tried to get some shut-eye but it took some time. I kept hoping and expecting him to come back, for any reason he might have. I’d drift off into being half-asleep, blurring my dreams with reality: in one world he came back into the room, slipped under the sheets in my bed and doing unholy things to me; then I’d snap back to the real world to find that I had imagined it, silence still prevailing in the corridors. All this time my head still swirling with the alcohol in it. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally fell into my drunken slumber.  

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Chapter Two: A Detour For The Exotic Bird [Jan. 11th, 2012|10:55 am]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page

I hadn’t seen anything like it, people shouting and drinking and being ridiculous. We got to the club and it was packed, like the whole of London was sardined in the small venue. People were moving about, some of them not even walking straight anymore. Drinks in hand, cigarettes in mouths, girls on laps, waiters in a scurry; the room was smoky and cramped, and that god-awful noise they call music was louder than necessary. But for some puzzling reason, I loved it there. I liked the energy of the place. It felt real, and strangely honest. There was an atmosphere of freshness and novelty all around. That’s not to say I wasn’t also terrified, but I wasn’t about to call it a night. The only thing that gave me any semblance of safety was the hand that lead me in, as I clung on to it like a child. I felt how long and dainty his fingers were, how warm and snug his palm was, and how rough his callous had become. These beautiful girls would rub up against him, smiling seductively with their luscious lips and made-up bright eyes. I felt small, and quite literally, I really was—my eyes (slits compared to their doe-ish colored ones) had to level with their boobs, a whole load of them, all of which were three times my cup size. I looked up to my tour guide and he would smile back at the ladies, to some a little too friendly for my liking.  

What world was I in where women are even more assertive than men? These must be the scarlet women history and literature would often talk about. But what is their price? Free drinks? Free records? Free music lessons? They’d see him smile back and lick their lips with gusto. Like an anthropologist I watched them, trying to understand their behavior, and wondering why the man I was holding seemed to be getting the most attention from them. Indeed I was intrigued, and he himself was becoming all the more intriguing. 

Soon we were met by a tall man with a big blonde curly afro, waving at us with a smile that could replace the sun. “Hey you’re late!” he said laughing, and turning his attention to me, he continued with “And I can see why.” With a flirty grin he picked up my free hand and kissed it chivalrously before I shyly took it back and placed it below my neck. Laughing, I introduced myself to Robert when suddenly the hand that held mine since we got to the place had let go, and was now on the arm of a blonde bombshell, exchanging hi-hello-how are you’s in their tight little accents. He turned back to Robert and I, and said “Would you kindly lead our special guest to the best seat in the house, where she could hear the music good and proper?” I looked at him, and then at her—her in a flattering red dress, holding a long cigarette to her mouth with her perfectly manicured fingers. “It’d be my pleasure.” Robert answered, beckoning me forward towards the stage. As I walked after Robert, I looked back to see the both of them laughing and and leaning in close to each other. Was that his girl? Does she engage in intellectual conversation? Was I being passed off?—Was I being jealous!? I bumped into a chair and out of my thoughts. “Please darling have a seat.” Robert pulled a chair for me. We sat down and he introduced me to Jonesy and Peter, who was in the middle of what seemed like the only serious conversation happening in the club. I turned to look back at the scarlet woman but there was no sight of either of them.

My stomach churned and suddenly I felt lost and insecure, not knowing why I was in such a place. I was just about ready to get up and leave when Robert said “He doesn’t usually bring a date you know, he usually just finds these birds during the gig itself.”

I blushed and said “Oh, no I’m not his date. We just met over coffee this afternoon and he invited me to watch your band play… And besides, I think he found a bird alright.” Huh, why did I sound slightly heartbroken? Robert didn’t seem to notice as he turned around to try and spot them. With still no sight of the two, he chuckled and answered “Yeah he did, I bet they’re off balling somewhere.” Now, why did I feel slightly heartbroken? 

I tried not to think about where the two might have gone, and was determined to enjoy the night—Robert was very kind and talkative and Peter would offer me drinks and food when it would come, while Jonesy occasionally asked me questions, being polite. I was starting to feel comfortable again and enjoyed the company of these lively people.

“So what’s it like where you’re from? I’ve always wanted to go see the Far East.” Robert asked me.

“Oh it’s wonderful. It’s quite different from over here but it really boasts some of the best tropical beaches and beautiful mountains, while the mainland is quite sophisticated—it’s actually pretty Westernized” I answered.

“Really? You know, I was actually wondering why you spoke English so well, and like an American too. It’s really quite amusing!” Robert laughed

I laughed and explained “Well we were under the Americans before the war, after being under Spain for centuries. Even Great Britain took hold of us for a while at one point. Imperialism kind of screwed us over, so you see why we’re not very oriental” I chuckled.

“Oh I’m sorry your flag has taken such a beating,” Robert laughed, before saying “but it seems your exposure to different cultures have served you well, I can see why my buddy had been caught up with you this afternoon.” With that Robert took a gulp of his beer while I started to wonder where he—and she—might be. 

“You haven’t touched your pint darling” Robert pointed out, looking at the mug on the table. I thought, what the hell, I’ve come this far into this other world. I drank it the way I would water, and soon my mug was half-empty.

“Bleh! How could people drink so much of that!” I said wiping my mouth.

Jonesy and Peter, who was in their own world up to that point, laughed and raised their mugs to a toast. I joined them and we chugged down our drinks, surprising myself once more with my involuntary actions. Soon the four of us were talking and laughing boisterously at I don’t even know what. All I knew was that the drinks kept coming and I was on my third, when a familiar hand rested on my shoulder.

“Doing alright then?” I looked up to see his handsome face smiling down at me, and again all I could do was nod and smile. He took the seat next to mine and greeting everyone else in the table. I was tempted to ask where he had gone, but I decided it was really none of my business.

“Are my friends behaving well? I see they’ve gotten you tipsy already” he laughed as I struggled to cross my legs.

“Yes they’re wonderful! Peter here was just telling me about how much time you spend on your hair! Even more than I do!” I giggled and swayed, feeling a little woozy.

“Oh really? And you find it funny do you?” He took my hand and let me touch his curls “I think you’d rather like it” he continued, looking into my eyes with a silly grin on his face. And he was right, it was soft and full, and soon I was combing it through my fingers absentmindedly. My hand was still fondling his hair when we locked eyes for a few moments, until Peter told the band they were up. I took back my hand and he smiled at me before standing up, saying “Well, this is what you came here for. I hope we live up to your aesthetic taste.” With that he winked and the band got up on stage to start their set.


Cheers commenced before Jonesy begun their first song with an eerie bass line. Robert was even more charismatic when he took the spotlight, singing with a power I had never known before. Their drummer kept a steady beat even during the raucous, unpredictable parts. And of course him, on the guitar, shrouded in more mystery than ever, delivered melodies that were out of this world. Their music, collectively, was magical. It was disturbing, it was terrifying, it was beautiful. They seem to have taken on a fifth element together, delivering a profound impact on the listeners, including myself, who still thought it was noise—a magnetic noise I couldn’t understand but couldn’t help tuning in to. When the guitar solo begun, I just could not keep my eyes off him: his hair in his face, his face in pleasure, his fingers doing godly things, his body swaying and moving with the notes he conjured. Desire filled my whole being—forbidden desire, which made him all the more…desirable.

“They’re somethin’ else aren’t they?” Peter, who was left in our table, had been watching my intense gaze and I quickly fumbled for some words in my head.

“Yes, they’re very talented.” I managed to say.

He laughed before turning back to his baby, Led Zeppelin.

After they had gotten off stage the population of beautiful women doubled and each member was surrounded by a good number of them. I tried hard to shake off the thoughts and feelings that had passed over me during their set, when I saw him making his way through the crowd back to us, guitar still in hand.

“I’m glad we hadn’t scared you off yet.” he told me before passing his guitar to Peter.

“I actually found you very pleasing—I mean found it, the set—your music, I found it very pleasing…your songs, I mean” Clearly the alcohol was still swimming in my system. How long does one stay inebriated?

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed me—the set, I mean” he smirked. I probably would have been more embarrassed had I been sober, but given my low (or non-existent) tolerance to alcohol, I just giggled and nodded at him before taking another chug, while he took his seat next to me.

Soon the rest of the band joined our table, with a few girls who looked even younger than myself. The big guy who was their drummer shouted from across the table to us “Oi! Wot’s this, we’ve managed to capture an exotic bird have we?” Looking me over, I was half-flattered, half-frightened. 

“This is Bonzo, our drummer, please forgive him he has misplaced his manners again.” He laughed and placed his warm hand on my back as he spoke, which caused the butterflies in my stomach to flap away mercilessly.

The rest of the night was a blur of more drinks, laughter, cigarette smoke, a brawl outside, and more ‘birds’ coming our way. All of the band members practically had women on their laps, except for the one next to mine. I was tempted to get up and just sit my bum on it, for reasons unknown to myself. But the small, diminishing shred of reason I had left stopped me from doing so, and we just continued talking and laughing, a hand on a shoulder and a touch of the arm here and there.

“Oh boy, what time ish it?” I slurred.

“It’s almost two, do you need to go back to your hotel?” he placed his hand gently but firmly above my knee, all the while with a concerned face—I was dazed, and boy was I confused. This all seemed like a surreal dream. 

“Yeah, oh Christ I won’t wake up in time! I don’t even have a transportation plan for tomorrow!” I stood up to find balance had abandoned me, feeling like an infant still foreign to walking. A split second later I fell straight onto his lap. He caught me with his long arms that were now around me, while my own landed all over him: one hand over his heart, the other on his crotch. His face was inches from mine and he just smiled at me without saying a word, on the verge of laughter. “Could you please take your hand off my privates? Or at least don’t press too hard, I need it to be fully functional.” With this he laughed, and in my panic I scurried back to my seat, apologizing under my breath. No one else seemed to notice as they were all busy exchanging saliva.

“Could you please just take me to a cab?” I asked, feeling queasy and nauseated. I covered my mouth trying to push down whatever might want to come up.

“I don’t think you should be left alone in this state, we don’t want you choking on your own vomit now.” He took my hands in his and turned his whole body towards me, saying “I’ll make you a deal, you come stay with me tonight and I’ll drive us up to Cadbury in the morning. I’ve got a few dresses you can borrow—“

“You’ve got dresses!?” I cut him off, laughing hysterically.

“They’re not mine silly! They’re…someone left them when we had a party. Anyway they’d fit you just fine I think.”

Up until that point it hadn’t sunk in that he was inviting me to spend the night at his house, wherever that even was. I was so distracted by the fact that he owned dresses that I hadn’t thought about who owned them and what kind of story was behind it. My head was spinning even more now, and without my knowledge, I asked “Where am I gonna sleep?”  

He chuckled and said “I’ve got a spare bedroom.”

“You better wake up and make sshure we get to Cadbury Cashul. I intend to find King Arthur and you better make sshure that happens.” I said, with my words in a slur, eyes half-closed, a finger pointing at him in an attempt to seem threatening.

He laughed and shook my pointed finger. “It’s a deal.” 

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Chapter One: A Handsome Stranger [Dec. 25th, 2011|01:01 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I had been sitting in the café for more than three hours, absorbed in my book, when I noticed a tall figure across the room facing me. I glanced up an inch over the top of Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Judgment’ and sure enough the man was looking over at me with a curious look. I quickly went back to my page but the words were no longer sinking in. He turned back to get his coffee and chatted with the pretty barista. By this time I was completely distracted and found myself staring after him, at his lean built and his long, dark curly hair. He turned back around so quickly that I didn’t have time to look away before he caught my eyes on him. I went back to the same page I was on and tried to look uninterested. From my peripheral vision I saw his figure walking over to me. He stopped right in front of my table and said nothing. I finally looked up and saw him smiling, eyes on the book I was holding.

“You know, out of all the philosophies on art, his is my favorite.” He said, eyes now on mine. I had so many things to say about aesthetics and approaches to art, but at that moment all I could do was smile and nod, so he continued to ask “May I take a seat?” Again, all I could do was nod. He sat down and we introduced each other, and soon I discovered language again as we engaged in a conversation.

We sat there for hours, talking, theorizing, and laughing. We breezed by topics like art, politics, literature, history, and music. All I had listened to was classical music, and outside of that I only had one album of the Beatles, barely even played.

“Do you have something against popular music?” He chuckled.

“Not really, I was just never exposed to it. Back home it’s pretty conservative. My being interested in philosophy and the arts is already pretty deviant behavior” We both laughed and it felt like we had been good friends for a long time.

“So how long are you here for anyway?” he asked

“Just a week. I wanted to travel Europe but all I could manage was here, which is already pretty incredible. This may be my last chance to travel on my own.” I said, looking down.

“A week!? Why that’s barely enough to see these lands. There’s a whole lot more to see up in Scotland too. Why don’t you stay for another week? I’ll be your tour guide” His smile was the brightest I had ever seen, and for a second I contemplated extending my stay, tempted to take the offer of this handsome stranger I had just met.

“That’s really nice of you, but I can’t. I have to be back in time for…the wedding.” With that his face seemed to dropped ever so slightly, and for some reason it broke my heart. “Your wedding?” he asked, and again all I could do was nod, looking out the window.

“Oh,” he said, looking out the window before looking at his mug and saying, “well congratulations, your fiancé is lucky to have such a bright young woman like you” he sounded sincere but not too happy, or was I just imagining it?

“Yeah, he’s great. Good man, my family adores him, sometimes I think they’re more in love with him than I am” I chuckled.

“Well, he must be a real catch then” he spoke into his coffee mug before taking a sip.

“Well hey, I have another week. If you’re not too busy maybe you can still take me places?” I don’t even remember thinking about saying this. I surprised myself with this proposition, it had come from some other part of me. 

Still looking down at his cup, with a grin he said, “Yeah…I could take you places” and took another sip. There was a hint of naughtiness in this statement, and although I should not, I wanted to find out what this entailed. 

After some moments of silence, his mood was cheerful again as he asked  “What are you up to tonight then?” It was nearly eight in the evening, I had been sitting there for almost six hours.

“Well I’m planning to go down to Cadbury Castle early tomorrow, so I was thinking of just staying in tonight.” As if I had any plans on checking out the nightlife. I was 21 years old and never had a drop of alcohol or a drag of any kind of cigarette.

“Oh that’s too bad. I’m doing a show tonight at the Marquee with this new band I’ve got.” He said.

“Oh, you guys any good?” I asked with a grin

“Well we’re no Bach, but I’ve got a funny good feeling about us. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to judge for yourself?” He asked me with beckoning eyes, and a smile that probably does not adhere to rejection. No doubt I was attracted to this man, he had something about him…An aura, a projection of something grand. And his eyes, a pair of deep big holes of mesmerizing mystery. I couldn’t find it in myself to part ways with him just yet.

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He Just Satisfies: TEASER [Dec. 22nd, 2011|08:27 pm]
For Lovers Of Jimmy Page
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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